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Publishing Windows / WPF applications to the Virtual Directory

Open the project properties from the Visual Studio (Project Menu -><Your Project Name> Properties…) Move to publish tab. “Publishing Folder Location” – Provide a location to publish the files.  This may be the remote location or the local machine’s folder path.  Ex: D:\Publish “Installation Folder URL” - Provide a remote location where the files can be downloaded by the user.  This can be a virtual folder path.  Ex: “Install Mode and Settings” – Here if your application can be used both in online and offline then choose “The application is available offline as well as launchable from start menu” or if your application can be used only in online then choose the either. Click on the Updates button and make sure the update location is same as the Installation folder URL if your application will be having updates. Click on options Fill the description tab with the necessary details. Make the Deployment tab as below Make the Manifests t