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Image resizing in

Introduction :-             This tutorial will show you how to generate image thumbnails dynamically from an original big image. Background :-             Many of the web developers will show the big images as small by giving the attribute values for the image tag.  This will slow down the webpage loading.  For better performance the best method is creating the small thumbnail images for showing small size image on the web pages.  But for every upload of the images by the user we cannot create a thumbnail image, it’s a tedious process.  I planed to create a method which will create a thumbnail automatically while the image upload and saves in a separate path.  This is a light weight process and easy to use.  The only thing is you have to add one more filed for saving the thumbnail image path while dealing with databases. Following are the features of this technique. Good Quality. Desired thumbnail size. Using the code :-             Below is the method which


The time may occur that you may forget or lost your sql server “ sa ” or “ sysadmin ” login’s password.  This process will give you an opportunity for retaining forgot or lost password of your sqlserver’s “ sa ” login. Select “SQL SERVER CONFIGURATION MANAGER” from start menu.   2.  Select SQLSERVER from the left panel and right click on “SQL SERVER (MSSQLSERVER)” from the right panel.   Select stop from the context menu appeared for stopping the sqlserver service. 3.  After stopping the service again right click on the SQLSERVER service and select properties.   In properties window select advanced tab.   Now for the startup parameter add “-m;” at the starting position of the string as show in the below diagram. 4.  After changing the startup parameter again start the sqlserver service. 5.  Now open the command prompt and from here we will create a user with the sysadmin role and by using this users login we are going to change the sa log

Page Wise Results from Sql Server

Getting page wise results is one of the most important factor while considering the performance of the application.  Getting a lot amount of data from database and showing the required data to the user will lack the performance of the application.  In such cases we can go for retrieving page wise results i.e., the amount of data which is required for user. the Here is the Query for Getting Page wise results from an sqlserver. This query uses a Northwind database for giving an example. Use Northwind DECLARE @startrow int DECLARE @endrow int set @startrow=10 set @endrow=20 SELECT Mstr.* FROM ( SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY CUS.CustomerID DESC) AS SlNo, CUS.CustomerID,CUS.ContactName,CUS.City FROM Customers CUS ) Mstr WHERE SlNo BETWEEN @startrow AND @endrow ORDER BY CustomerID DESC Thanks & Regards Happy Coding...