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INTRODUCTION :-                 One of my clients required a desk top application that maintains contacts in a database and sends emails to the contacts in the database.  They have not provided the credentials and the details of mail server.  So I created an application that uses outlook for sending mails by using the credentials preconfigured by the outlook account.  This application can send email for multiple email accounts and with or without attachments. FEATURES :- ·          Sending mails to multiple email accounts at a time. ·          Using configured outlook credentials. ·          No need of configuring credentials every time. ·          Sending mails with attachments. CODE EXPLANATION :-                 Create new project and add references as follows.  These files can be downloaded or can be achieved by the sample project which is attached with this article. Interop.Microsoft.Office.Core.dll Interop.Outlook.dll Let’s go to code part.  Import the fo